The St. Valentine's Day Massacre


Action / Crime / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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David Canary as Frank Gusenberg
Jack Nicholson as Gino, Hit Man
Bruce Dern as Johnny May
George Segal as Peter Gusenberg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by calvinnme 7 / 10

Jason Robards is a surprisingly effective Al Capone

This is a very entertaining account of the famous rub-out in 1929 Chicago. Jason Robards is a decent Al Capone, and thankfully, doesn't try for an Italian accent. He also wields a mean baseball bat, thus having Capone's malice down but not his mass. Ralph Meeker plays Bugs Moran, leader of the rival Chicago gang. The cast is loaded with familiar faces and future stars, and it seems like somebody gets bumped off every ten minutes. Harold J. Stone plays Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti and almost, but not quite, convinces me he could be Italian. George Segal has a riotous brawling scene with Jean Hale after he finds out she spent three grand on a fur coat. Joan Shawlee has a bit as a "streetwalking entrepreneur," as we call it now. Jack Nicholson has one line, which he grunts out in a hoarse voice pre-Don Corleone. And you may even feel sorry for Bruce Dern in this film.

The movie was directed by Roger Corman, and features some of his stock players, including Dick Miller as one of the hit men. Paul Frees supplies the narration, giving this a semi-documentary feel. But he is no Walter Winchell. Definitely worth a look.

Reviewed by georgewilliamnoble 6 / 10

Just OK

This 1967 Roger Corman gangster flick is a rare up market sortie for the usually bargain basement producer, though the film looks to of been shot entirely on the old Fox studio lot, that and the colour film gives the movie a unrealistic unauthentic atmosphere.The movie is fairly accurate representation of known events though highly condensed but i found the narration particularly irritating and unnecessarily.But my biggest grip was the miscasting of Jason Robards as Al Capone he looks nothing like the real Capone and showed none of the charm that Capone was said to possess. This is really just a dressed up B movie, no shame there and as such is quiet watchable though far from memorable.A generous 5.75 out of 10.

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 6 / 10

Big Al's Greatest Hit

The infamous St. Valintine Day Massacre in 1929 was the beginning of the end of Chicago mobster Alfonse "Big Al" Capone, Jason Robards, in that it drew the attention of the US Justice Department as well as IRS on him that eventually ended up putting him behind bars, for of all things tax evasion, and out of commission for good. It was the Irish George "Bugs" Moran and "Bug's, Ralph Meeker, himself that Capone targeted who in fact escaped being killed just moments before the shooting began. Moran and his boys were out having a cup of coffee that snowy morning that kept them away from the garage on 2122 N. Clark St where the massacre happened.

Big Al had it in for Moran since 1924 in him trying to cut in on his action in North Chicago that drove him psycho.It was his overreaction to all this that in the end put then heat-or law- on Big Al like no other mobster ever could. The St. Valintine Day Massacre was the last of the Capone gangland wipe-outs that resulted, on both sides, in some 600 gang land killings in Chicago during the Capone years and by far the bloodiest. Not only did seven members of the "Bugs" Moran gang get killed but those who murdered them over the next few years ended up also getting iced themselves. As for "Bugs" Moran he in fact died in his sleep in 1957 after serving a 10 year sentence on a robbery conviction.

Using hoods dressed as Chicago police Capone, who at the time was vacationing in far off and sunny Florida, had Moran's boys feel they were just getting pinched by the police on a minor charge and be booked and let go before the day ended. As things turned out it was to be the last day of their lives. Director Roger Corman's first major movie that had him being taken seriously by the Hollywood big wigs who never thought that much of him and his talent as a serious filmmaker.

P.S It was Capone's use of fake police to do his dirty work that was soon to be copied by fellow big time mobster "Lucky" Luciano two years later in the notorious September 10, 1931 massacre-Depicted in movies like "Stone Killer" & "The Valichi Papers"- of some 40 old line Mafia hoods in NYC and its surroundings that in the end made the mob or Mafia far more effective dangerous and successful, by letting non Sicilians to join it, then it even was during the Al Capone era.

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