The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith


Adventure / Biography / Drama

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Christopher Gorham as John Groberg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thejoudblitz 1 / 10

Oh Lord

This is religious propaganda. I realize that a lot of products need advertising to get themselves out there, but the Christian faith? I daresay the crusades helped enough with brand recognition. There are a lot of examples when marketing and art mix to dilute quality, the 90s pop music credibility versus commercializing, modern day video games immersion versus micro-transactions, authors being pressured by editors to release despite writers' block, etc. Andy Warhol, as a famous example, even turned the premise around, making the selling of his art part of his art.

There is no story in this "movie", just a message and the continuous display of one emotional trigger after the other. The message here is, people of various, if not all beliefs, should live in peace and harmony together. A different message would be, people should live in peace and harmony together. in fact the movie's message distracts from the latter, better message as it condones uninformed behavior.

In my opinion, the art of movie making should be pursued as an attempt to create inspiring story telling. And the recruiting of people for religions should not be pursued at all. Personal faith is just that, a personal matter. And in conclusion "The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith" (2019), sadly, is garbage.


Reviewed by trinaboice 10 / 10

I was a weepy mess

If you saw the first movie The Other Side of Heaven, you will remember the sweet spirit of the storytelling and the heart of the beautiful Tongan people. This sequel is a heartwarming reunion with more inspiration and miracles. Bring tissues. I was a weepy mess.

The film is filled with lessons for us to learn, and not just for "Mormons." While the movie will have special meaning for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, everyone can enjoy it and be touched by it. As we're told in this movie, if you wait long enough, all stories have happy endings.

You can read my full movie review at MovieReviewMom (dot com) or on my YouTube channel. Here are a few of the highlights: Christopher Gorham is absolutely fantastic. He reminds me of Chris Evans as Captain America: his goodness. Director Mitch Davis chose Christopher because "he has a very gentle soul." He learned to speak Tongan very well in the first movie and his speech coach said his accent was perfect. Did you know that he is a trained auctioneer like his grandfather?

The funeral scene was touching and heartbreaking. Abigail, the goat, in a dress. Adorable. The moment that really got me to tear up was after the storm when Nancy yelled, "Hoorah for Israel!" From then on, I went through quite a few tissues. I loved hearing the Tongan people sing often in the movie.

When they were interviewing actors to play Thomas S. Monson, the moment they first saw Russell Dixon, they knew he was the right man for the job. After the real Thomas S. Monson watched the first The Other Side of Heaven movie in 2001, he immediately asked, "When are you going to make the second movie?" John Groberg said to director Mitch Davis, "I'm not getting any younger and neither are you, so it's time!"

I always love it when you get to see pictures and video of the real people of a true story in movies. You get to see a lot of that during the rolling credits, as well as a photo update of the principle "characters" in the movie. The film was made in Fiji because the tax rebate to film there was 47 percent. There is some humor, which is always appreciated. You don't need to have seen the first movie, but it certainly helps in order to appreciate the history and significance of some of the relationships. The music is noticeably good and sweeps with emotion. Some Christian movies are heavy-handed and even cheesy at times, but this one will fill your soul and make you feel.

Reviewed by laurievukich 10 / 10


I wasn't sure what to expect, especially since it's been years since I saw the first movie and can't really remember much of it's story. But we really loved this movie. It was full of adventure, funny, and very heart touching. My family members that aren't LDS welled up and really loved it too. It's a great story for everyone, beautifully shot and very professionally done. I highly recommend it.

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