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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by katastrofkatt 8 / 10


I didn't have big expectations, but i absolutely loved it. awesome acting skills and wonderfully dark humor. i'm still smiling thinking about it. right up my alley <3

Reviewed by TwistedContent 7 / 10

Amusing & Well Made Offbeat Horror Comedy

Went in blind as a bat, didn't read the synopsis or even know the fact that it's a comedy. Much to my satisfaction, "Harpoon" turned out to be a neat, smart, pleasantly weird black (horror) comedy.

Lies, schemes, friendships, pride, betrayal and more is explored in "Harpoon", the Director Rob Grant has managed to pack a lot in 82 minutes and one yacht - the result is a constantly entertaining low-budget indie horror with lots of pitch black comedy undertones. Much respect to the trio of actors without whose considerably great performances the movie would be a lesser experience, solid work. A nice & comicly fitting addition was the occasional narrator (voiced by Bret Gelman, Murray from "Stranger Things"), I'd be obliged to give style points for this and more. Even though I'd like to call "Harpoon" a black comedy / thriller, the horror excelled in regards of the well done gore, not excessive amounts of it, but all practical and effective. Aesthetically, the movie is thought-through and utilizes creative camera work and editing.

"Harpoon" packs a few surprises & maybe not a very memorable or thought-provoking, but certainly witty and entertaining story, as well as strong performances and offbeat black comedy vibes. Given the space and resources the filmmakers had to work with, it's an admirable indie horror comedy flick. My rating: 7/10.

Reviewed by cee_dill 8 / 10

Delightfully dark

Pitch black comedy with a very capable cast attached and perfect narration to help with scene breaks and transitions. I was impressed with what a good fit each actor was for their character and what good use the filmmakers made with their small set. I spent the run time laughing and grimacing but without ever losing the feeling of dread attached to their situation.

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